Rakulee, Inc.

A California Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation

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Rakulee, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) scientific research organization. Focused on A) directed toward benefiting the public by assisting the scientific education of college or university students. conducts global applied research to solve of recognized needs for the benefit of society. B) provides the “pre-seed” capital fund for “high-tech” and “new-economy” startups by creating “professional specialty occupations” that would further attract new industry and social welfare perspectives. C) promote the practice of charitable giving and voluntarism through a variety of strategies.


NTEE-CC Q21, Q22: Promotion of International Understanding and International Cultural Exchange

Extend hospitality to foreign visitors, promote cultural and educational programs, and provide an environment for social contact between U.S. citizens and foreign visitors to offer the latter an opportunity to obtain a better understanding of U.S. customs.


NTEE-CC J21: Vocational Counseling

Assist distressed individuals to make appropriate decisions regarding an occupational field or position in technology, and offer solely avocational or recreational educational programs.


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